Jeff Arnett

No one leaves their dream job. But after two decades at Jack Daniels, Jeff Arnett wasn’t done dreaming. After expanding Jack Daniels’ portfolio from three products to eleven and winning Master Distiller of the Year in 2017, Jeff departed Jack Daniels to build something incredible from the ground up.

Kris Tatum

If Company is about bringing people together, it’s Kris Tatum that brought the team itself together. Kris is a founder of the Tennessee Distillers Guild and served as its President, advancing legislation that increased revenue and alleviated taxes for all distillers in the state—large and small.

Heath Clark

We wouldn’t be here without Heath Clark, and neither would any other nascent Tennessee distilleries, because he spearheaded the legislation that opened up distilling across the state. Heath established H. Clark Distillery in 2014, sits on the TN Distiller’s Guild Board, and won an Ascot Award for Best-in-Class Gin.

Kevin Clayton

Kevin Clayton understands that businesses can strengthen communities. Clayton Homes will help over 60,000 families move into new homes this year alone. Kevin is adept at aligning stakeholders of every kind around a common purpose, and his vision and guidance have led to business success for all those around him.

Corey Clayton

Townsend, Tennessee is about to become the next Bentonville, Arkansas, and Corey Clayton is helping drive that transition. A graduate of UT’s Environmental Soils and Sciences program, Corey is managing the development of Vee Hollow Bike Trails in Townsend, TN. He is an ardent believer in recreation’s power to drive local economies.

Nathan Osborne

The best salespeople aren’t really selling anything; they’re just sharing something they already love. Nathan came to love spirits and wine at the James Beard Award-Winning Blackberry Farm. His accomplishments managing two sales divisions as a wholesaler, and his continued success at Company, come as no surprise.

Jenna Wagner

Understanding people, and their connection to place, makes Jenna Wagner a formidable marketer. She’s spent years driving tourism and forging partnerships throughout Southwest Virginia, with a focused interest in the region’s unique depth and heritage. Her intellectual curiosity and knack for enriching communities make her a great match for Company, and a valuable addition to the team.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is obsessed with the traditional processes of making and fermenting distilled beverages. He publishes about it in leading science texts, lectures about it in the most respected programs, and has even pioneered new analytical processes to accomplish it. A self-admitted science geek, he comes to Company at the forefront of his field.